Consistent and Reliable Airport Disinfection

ABM Industries is a leading provider of turnkey janitorial systems for many of the U.S.’s largest airports and airlines.

In the air travel industry, ABM is contracted by airlines and airports to take care of everything from aircraft and airport terminal cleaning to janitorial for parking facilities, shuttle buses, transportation services, passenger services and retail venues.

Abruptly faced with new challenges created by the COVID-19 pandemic, ABM brought in its interdisciplinary Expert Advisory Council—comprised of board-certified experts in infectious disease and industrial hygiene—and partnered with outside specialists and esteemed schools of medicine to formulate a disinfection and hygiene system that can be tailored to meet the needs of any given facility to answer today’s heightened cleaning demands. Continue Article

More coverage. Less waste. Better results.

ABM uses EMist electrostatic sprayers to thoroughly apply disinfectant. Applying chemical using an electrostatic sprayer is more efficient and effective than spray-and-wipe and other electrostatic sprayers. For most disinfectants to work, targeted surfaces must be completely coated and remain wet for up to 10 minutes. Spray-and-wipe is hit-and-miss, leaving whole areas not disinfected. With the EMist electrostatic sprayer, every surface can be coated in less time, using less chemical, and with better outcomes.

EM360 in use

How EMist compares to other electrostatic sprayers.

Opposites Attract: The earth, germs and most natural and artificial surfaces are negatively charged (-). For maximum and even disinfectant coverage, an electrostatic sprayer should apply a positive (+) charge to droplets to adhere to predominantly existing negative (-) targets. EMist sprayers provide a positive (+) charge to droplets. This provides a consistent and uniform coverage in which the droplets adhere to vertical, horizontal and three-dimensional surfaces. As proven in the agriculture and automotive industries, this electrostatic application process takes less time to achieve the desired effect, while substantially reducing chemical and labor costs.

electrostatic_disinfectant_process- EPIX360-reduced

Size Matters: Per the EPA, average electrostatic sprayer droplet size should be greater than or equal to 40 microns. EMist sprayers produce 75 and 85 microns respectively (EPIX360 and EM360). Droplets measuring less than 50 microns remain air born longer and can pose inhalation concerns. Larger droplets also improve surface dwell time – larger droplets take longer to evaporate. Dwell time is the amount of time a surface must remain visibly wet in order to kill germs listed on a disinfectant’s label.

Cordless: A corded electrostatic sprayer restricts mobility and keeps you tethered to a wall outlet and because there are electrical cords involved, they create a tripping hazard. As well, most corded electrostatic sprayers recommend the use of a GFCI (ground fault circuit interrupter) power outlet. On the other hand, a cordless electrostatic sprayer is not tethered to a wall outlet for power. That means you can take the electrostatic sprayer to where the work needs to be done rather than relying on wall outlets at the work site. Since the electrostatic sprayer has no cord, a cordless sprayer offers greater flexibility and portability. When spraying big projects, multi-story buildings, tight spaces, a cordless sprayer allows you to maneuver and move about freely without the hazard of tripping or tangling a cord. Portability is a clear advantage for any user that needs to move about frequently. Additionally, nearly every power tool on the market today comes with a lithium ion battery. These batteries are capable of holding a lot of power that doesn’t diminish over time if the sprayer is not in use. Corded electrostatic sprayers are no match to cordless electrostatic sprayers when it comes to maneuverability and convenience.

Grounding not needed: With the innovative breakthrough of EMist’s EPIX technology, grounding is not an issue. EPIX uses a bipolar power supply, working flawlessly and consistently, improving transfer efficiency, preventing shocks and electrical hazards, and eliminates the need to wear anti-static gloves or boding straps to prevent electrostatic buildup.  Learn More