Preventing the Spread of Germs in Retail

The Retail Industry has Changed the way they Clean

Since the start of COVID-19 the retail industry has changed the way they clean not only stores, but supply rooms, break rooms, and even their products. Disinfecting was once a simple task that has now turned into one that is as important as selling the products themselves. Stores are closing earlier to give employees enough time for proper sanitation and re-stocking.

As a grocery or food retail worker, potential sources of exposures include close contact for extended periods of time with a customer who either has COVID-19, or was exposed to the virus, then touching your nose, mouth, or eyes after handling items, cash, or merchandise that customer touched.

Contactless payment with credit card

What the CDC Recommends:

The CDC recommends the following to slow the rate of infection: 

Establish protocols and provide supplies to disinfect frequently-touched surfaces in workspaces and public-facing areas, such as points of sale. For example, wipe down credit card terminals and pens/styluses between each customer. Providing wipes for customers and asking them to do this themselves after each use may also reduce the chance of worker exposure resulting from this frequently repeated activity. Wipe down worker-facing touch screens, keyboards, or other equipment at least as often as workers change workstations. Frequently clean push bars and handles on any doors that do not open automatically. (US Dept. of Labor)

Preventing the Spread of Germs

Electrostatics is science and a proven process that has been used in the agricultural and automotive industries for decades.

Most surface areas are neutral (uncharged) or negative.

The EPIX360™ is the most effective handheld disinfectant sprayer in the world. Built to work, this cordless electrostatic sprayer is powerful, fill the 8-ounce tank with a safe EPA approved water-soluble disinfectant, pull the trigger, and the EPIX360 goes to work laying down an even, uniform and wraparound layer of germ killing power up to 4,000 high-touch point sq.ft. Plus, with the advanced EPIX Charge Detect™ Technology, grounding is never an issue. And, unlike other electrostatic equipment, the EPIX360 works flawlessly and consistently, greatly improving transfer efficiency and avoiding shock and electrical hazards.
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