The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that more than 1.7 million people each year will be infected with a healthcare acquired infection (HAI). To track and prevent HAIs they recommend that healthcare facilities perform tests to monitor bacteria rates in the exact same area at each test so that the comparative data is accurate. To meet and exceed these guidelines, E-Mist Innovations partnered with Next Level 11 to provide the first and only, comprehensive, end-to-end infection control system process in the healthcare setting.

The new process combines E-Mist’s patented electrostatic disinfectant application system, which delivers safer surfaces, lower costs, reduced manpower and keeps people healthier with Next Level 11’s Test, Track, Treat and Train protocol for bacteria eradication.

“We truly believe that this combined solution will change the way the healthcare industry treats and combats infections,” said George Robertson, CEO, E-Mist Innovations. “For years it’s been impossible to know if surfaces are healthy. With this tracking technology, along with surface treatment through electrostatic technology – we now have a sophisticated solution that monitors, manages, tracks and provides real-time bacteria level results to users. We are now able to identify where bacteria is located – even down to an area as specific as an IV pole – and use E-Mist systems to disinfect the equipment or area.”

Real-Time Monitoring and Results

Next Level 11 developed the BAC-TRACK square, an adenosine triphosphate (ATP) monitoring system which allows users to track contamination and maintenance levels on equipment. This square is linked to the company’s BAC-TRACK software which allows hospital managers and leadership teams to login to a dashboard to view monthly trends, treatment, cleaning effectiveness and even pinpoint where the highest risk areas are for contamination – in real time. The software identifies the highest risk in chronological order, down to the location, department, room and even piece of equipment. This helps healthcare providers have the correct documentation to provide regulatory agencies during annual reviews and surveys.

“By measuring the data, teams are given better ways to improve disinfecting protocols,” said Scott McDaniel, CEO, Next Level 11. “Now that we’re working with E-Mist we’re able to equip users with a proper way to apply chemicals. We’re already seeing better coverage of chemicals. It’s essentially a way to remove the human error factor from the process while delivering less chemicals and better coverage. In all, overall contamination levels have been reduced since using E-Mist systems.”

E-Mist uses proprietary adaptations of electrostatic technology and induction charging of liquid droplets to produce precise, controlled, high-performance liquid application and management capabilities for treatment of hard and soft surfaces. The charged droplets seek out the target magnetically, more forcefully and with greater surface adhesion. Meaning, that the droplets cling to the surface with a comprehensive coverage effect to allow for proper dwell time, equating to a disinfected surface.

E-Mist recently launched the BackPack System – a new, mobile, cordless electrostatic application system. The unit is ideal for offices, medical facilities, long-term care facilities, schools, daycares, food processing plants and all methods of transportation – anywhere mobility is critical. Users simply wear the applicator just like any backpack.

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